About Us

At Take Haven, we are passionate about wholistic, all-natural living and it's our mission to deliver self-care solutions that will nourish your body and harmonize your mind so you can savor your soul. Our products are rooted in Ayurvedic science and 5-Element theory and are strategically designed, artisanally formulated, and small-batch crafted with the highest quality ingredients for results that are tangible, potent, and sublime.

Our solutions weave together the healing properties found in nature to deliver self-care experiences that not only support the body, but also help reduce stress and shift energy to empower our potential. Each product is strategically and thoughtfully designed with organic oils, natural botanicals, steam distilled, therapeutic grade essential oils, and 100% pure salts to offer potent synergistic and transformative self-care experiences.

Our founder, Sara, has a long history and love for natural, clean, and artful living. She grew up shopping in health foods stores before they were trendy, studied art and design at a top-notch school, is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor, and a certified functional nutritional counselor. With Take Haven, she weaves together everything she has learned to offer you modern, stellar and beautiful self-care solutions at affordable prices.

Self-care becomes soul-care. Take good care.