About take haven

At Take Haven, we are passionate about wholistic, all-natural living and it's our mission to deliver self-care solutions that will nourish your body and harmonize your mind so you can savor your soul. Our products are rooted in ancient healing traditions, strategically formulated, and artisanally crafted with the highest quality ingredients for results that are tangible, potent, and sublime.

Our solutions weave together the healing properties found in nature to deliver self-care experiences that not only support the body, but also help reduce stress and shift energy to empower our potential. Each product is strategically and thoughtfully designed with organic oils, natural botanicals, steam distilled, therapeutic grade essential oils, and 100% pure salts for powerful synergistic and transformative self-care experiences.

Self-care becomes soul-care. Take good care.

giving back

We love being involved with our local community and beyond. We donate shampoo bars and soap to the local food bank and contribute shampoo bar shavings to an organization that provides employment opportunities for women and hygiene education for children. These partnerships underscore our belief in empowerment through employment and education, and we're proud to partner with organizations making a difference.

We're also delighted to serve special needs adults by offering yoga classes. These classes serve as a space for community members to come together in mutual support.

In all our endeavors, we strive to give back, aiming to create a more sustainable, connected, and caring world.

a note from our founder

Hi! I’m Sara, the founder and creative force behind Take Haven. I have a long history and love for natural, clean, all-natural and artful living. I grew up shopping in health foods stores before healthy living became mainstream, crafted my way through childhood, studied art and design in college, worked as a 500-hour certified yoga instructor teaching group and individual classes, workshops and retreats, became a certified Ayurvedic Health Coach, and a certified Functional Nutrition Counselor. Take Haven is where I weave it all together and it’s my offering to you! I want everyone to experience the magic and power of wholistic living!

Through personal experience, teaching, and counseling I have witnessed firsthand the profound healing effects of aligning with the rhythms of nature and embracing her wisdom. I believe that the choices we make in how we care for ourselves through the seasons from the food we eat to what we put on our bodies matter. When we take good care of ourselves, we unleash our potential and set ourselves free — self-care becomes soul care.

I hope Take Haven helps people cultivate a deeper connection with Self and the world around them.

With warmth and gratitude,

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainability and responsible resource management are always on our minds. We use minimal packaging and strive to choose recyclable, reusable, and low-waste materials whenever possible. We start locally when sourcing printers, packaging, and raw materials, often partnering with other small and family-owned businesses. Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint significantly, but it also serves to bolster local economies, allowing for a sustainable and environmentally friendly cycle of commerce.